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The Architect

Born Chris I. Summers, DJ iShine has grown up loving music ever since he had the ability to listen. His mother being of carribean residency brought him influence via international music (reggae, dancehall, soca) and his father coming from New York had an interest in collecting Motown and Jazz records with his uncles during their college years.

Summers and his brother attended a small private elementary school in which they were required to play an instrument in the school band. Summers played the trumpet throughout elementary and high school. While attending Episcopal High School Summers began to hone his craft even more by studying and researching music production plus teaching himself to play piano and bass guitar. In 2006, Summers became a music producer assisting projects in high school. While attending Ohio University, Summers made the transition to a producer with an artistry as a R&B/Electronica Musician with his DJing. He would meet Jéan P and from that point on, he knew it was time to show the word “1Side Music”.

Dropping projects like Suite 11 have given Summers respectable accolades, summing him up to be an innovator into the Hip Hop/R&B world. Summers cultivated the name DJ iShine from all of the years that have brought the best out of him in which he performed to the greatest ability that he encloses (such accomplishments being a honor roll student in high school, gaining an early fanbase, being featured as one of the top up next artists out of the DMV area by EZ Street, and having a proper familiar background). DJ iShine stands for “Doing Justice, i Shine”, and Summers completes the name humbly and respectfully. It has been a long and continuous road for DJ iShine, but keeping faith and talent first, he plans to do great things with his career. -> New EP “MIssiles-Bombs” for Beat Tapes

Music and Videos

Links to DJ iShine’s music

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