Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy – “We Don’t Like The Blacks Either”

record setting sales day last week, Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy has realized that hatred and bigotry are extremely profitable in the United States. While hundreds of people stood in line to “celebrate” the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and show their support for Cathy’s anti-gay agenda, Cathy was already considering his next move. According to a senior level manager, Cathy is planning a marketing campaign around his next controversial and extremely profitable statement. Cathy considered many targets that would appeal to his primarily southern-based conservative customers before ultimately saying the following:

“Let’s milk this for all its worth. Let’s wait until this gay thing dies down a little, then I will release another statement that says that we don’t like blacks either. Now, they’re protected by those stupid discrimination laws so we’ll need to be careful, but I think it will work. I mean hey, it’s not like it’s a lie. We’ll have another Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day before you know it!”

When confronted, Cathy defended his comments:

“We are a private company with a deeply personal belief system. We are lucky to live in a country where we are allowed to practice those beliefs. We abide by all of the discrimination laws and we welcome colored folk in our restaurants. I even hire them to work in my restaurants. We do not discriminate against anyone because of their color. However, if I’m being honest, we really don’t care for them. That is my opinion and I have a right to express it.”

While Mr. Cathy does have a right to his opinion, his statement is sure to spark an outcry from the African American community, people who believe in equality and anyone with a modicum of intelligence. However,according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “the number of radical hate groups and militias has exploded in recent years” so he will likely find himself again with many supporters. In fact, “the number of radical ‘anti-government’ militia groups increased from 150 to 1,274 during the years of the Obama presidency. There have been more homegrown domestic terrorism attacks by right-wing groups than by international terrorists during his presidency as well…. [There’s] a generalized feeling that ‘this is not the country my Christian white forefathers built. We’ve got to take this country back.’” Since the vast majority of these groups are made up of right-wing conservatives, Cathy’s latest campaign will successfully establish Chick-fil-A as the official sponsor for right-wing hate groups.

According to our source, Cathy ultimately chose to focus his hate on African Americans after considering and dismissing a promotion that would put actual AK-47s in their Kid’s Meals. According to Cathy, “We wouldn’t want some of those kids to have them.” He also considered a “Muppets promote interspecies relationships” promotion but was afraid of potential lawsuits. Cathy is continuing his plans to unveil a new campaign every few months with future targets including “liberals and people of Asian, Hispanic and Arabic descent”. Apparently there is a lot of hate in the U.S.A. and Cathy plans to “milk” every last drop.


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434 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy – “We Don’t Like The Blacks Either”

  1. This makes me sad and sick. Some of the most moral people I know are NOT white…. They are black, Indian, Hispanic, mulato, Choctaw , and the list continues. While I am white and have many white people I adore and would give my life for, I would do the same for other races if necessary. I am outraged that a so called Christian establishment would hold such thoughtless, hurtful views based on one’s skin color. Jesus loves All the little children of the world – red and yellow , black and white- they are All previous in His sight. Mr. Cathy did you forget this very basic principal!

    Lisa Ray

      • He is just plain ignorant and asinine and will be dealt with sooner or later but in the mean time I will not be going there

      • obviously it was said. maybe not by Dan Cathy, but it shouldn’t have been said at all. if it was a “joke”, it wasn’t funny. if it was “satire” the only purpose it served was to incite people to hate this man. either way, it missed the mark.

      • This man answered a question about his view in the way he felt and believed. The question was not do you hate homosexuals and he never said he hated homosexuals he said that he felt as most of America does that marriage is between a man and a woman. Not legal definition of civil union or joining but a religious status. There is a feeling in mainstream media that freedom of speech mean feel free to agree with the current trends as defined by the media. Any other opinion is “racist”; “hate speech”; “gay discrimination”; “bigoted”;etc…
        Second there was never any statement that he hated ANYONE or group.
        Third this article is from a SATIRE newspaper/blog and is actually in support of his position by reminding us that the majority of people supported his right to have his own opinion.
        Most important of all is shows how absolutely intolerant of opposing views the liberal are to go to such great extent to ruin a man for having an opinion that differs from theirs.

      • I think that is ignorant and stupid the world has changed. You are the one that has to answer to God. How are you gonna talk about racism and you hire black people. You need a reality check. It’s a publicity thing. Grow .

      • mu·lat·to
        a person of mixed white and black ancestry, esp. a person with one white and one black parent.

        So he forget a T DUMBO!

      • “Mulato” is someone of mixed race in modern language. You are correct that the word derives from the actual spanish word for mule which is “mulo”. You can also say mulato is a play on the word mulo because a mule is a mix between a horse and a donkey….to be derogatory they would call mixed people mulato giving what they were similarity to the mix nature of a mule.

      • Mulatto is a term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of any “mixed” ancestry. See Forbes, 1993 and mixed ancestry.[1] Contemporary usage of the designation is generally confined to situations in which the term is considered relevant in a historical context, as now most people of mixed white and black ancestry rarely choose to self-identify as mulatto.[2]

      • Mulatto according to the Random House College dictionary means “The offspring of one white parent and one black parent. a person whose racial ancestry is mixed.

      • Watch what happens to this franchise. i will be the first one to throw a big ass trash can through the window of any chick-fil-a as soon as i see any insult to my race. If i was employed there i would trash the place and rob them blind.

      • calling someone dumb, but you couldve used google to double check the meaning before risking looking like an asshole. but hey… it’s your life.

      • the proper spelling is “Mulatto” = the first-generation offspring of a black person and a white person, or a person of mixed white and black ancestry

      • alot of ppl read the “disclaimer,” but satire is supposed to be funny…too much racial tensions going on in this country currently to play russian roulette with this issue…not laughing and more so not impressed….. what next? “satire” about jews being gassed by i.g farben and nazi regime?…thats not funny either, nor meant to be “toyed” with..shrewd sense of humor

      • The last line in the article says it’s satire…which means it’s not true. I didn’t catch it at first either. I think these people who wrote it are just a bunch of evil people who want to keep hatred going around the world. I wouldn’t ever come back to this web site ever again….

      • Just proves that people don’t read completely and believe the first few things they read. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the article that clearly says, “This article is satire not originally written by or it’s affiliates.” In other words, IT IS NOT A TRUE STORY.

      • It’s SATIRE. In other words, this website made it up. The website has a disclaimer at the BOTTOM of the article that says, “This article is SATIRE not originally written by or it’s affiliates.” Which means made up, not true, just for fun. PLEASE READ and stop looking like an dumb.

    • THIS IS FAKE…. RESEARCH IT BEFORE YOU RESPOND. (This is more hate from the gay community trying to start some BS and using race)

      • The gay community does not hate. YOU obviously have some hatred in your heart to think so. A group of Americans fighting for their rights does not promote hate or promote propaganda. This is just a satirical article, written to poke fun at the hate in Dan Cathy’s heart and mind. I am sickened by your response! You really should open your mind and cross your fingers and close you mouth before you spew out such presumptuous allegations toward others. It is those of us in this country which, all to often, oppress others through small actions and inaction. You could have left that last part off. It speaks volumes to the type of close minded, bigoted person you are. Sad, sad, sad!

      • Thomas- article wasn’t written by a gay person you moron. Get a life. The article was written by a very funny person. Maybe your ignorance just got in the way of seeing that. But, I’m sure in your mind Jesus loves you!

    • Wow, and he’s suppose to be so much of a Christian and hating people, I don’t know what god he serves but it’s not the true God because the true God don’t hate or discriminate, well I won’t be going there again and it’s not all that great anyway

      • satire -noun
        the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
        a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

        Writing statements such as these but providing a disclaimer stating it is satire for whatever legal purpose does not take away the statements as if they were never said, it basically says that the party does not want to be responsible….then you quote Mr. Cathy in his statements, well that means something that he actually said, and a disclaimer does not mean he did not say it if he really did.

      • True Or Not How Dare Any Human Spread This Kind Of Hate Towards Gods Creation Many Souls Will Be Required In HELL On THAT DAY OF JUDGMENT !! Please Be Sure To Stand Up & Argue Wiith The Almighty On Ur Hatred Towards Other Which Are Different From U Don’t; Think It Will Make A Difference Ur Soul Will Surely Burn Baby Burn Eternally!!!Christian Means Christ Like!!!No Christ Like On This Christian Is A NO NO!!

      • This is not something to joke about plain and simple, do you get that. 9 black people just got shot down in cold blood because a bigoted ass racist decided he hated black people. If this is not true whoever wrote it is an idiot and whoever thinks the shit is funny and trying to explain it’s just satire is a fricken idiot too. When are you MF’s going to learn non of this is a game! We are not playing with you fricken people filled with damn wicked ass hate in your DNA.

    • THiS. iS SATIRE!! Peopleit is NOT TRUE! Please, even if you didn’t read the last line of the article stating it is satire, what idiot just believes some article before vetting the information? Put down the kool aid, and start thinking, please!!!

      • Does saying at the botton of the article that it is satire justify the fact that it is an ugly artical and should not have been writen in the first place? Satire Smatire its ugly, no matter how you look at it and the person that came up with it has a screw loose and a prejudice streak a mile wide.

    • You will never receive another penny of my black money. You may not have to pay for it now. However, believe it or not, we have to answer to the same God and he doesn’t visualize color. God says to LOVE everyone.

      • It’s SATIRE. In other words, this website made it up. The website has a disclaimer at the BOTTOM of the article that says, “This article is SATIRE not originally written by or it’s affiliates.” Which means made up, not true, just for fun. PLEASE READ and stop looking like an dumb.

      • are you a fucking retard?… this is a made up story. Or are you too stupid to understand what Satire even means?

    • I agree with your statement, however you should avoid using the word mulato. It means mule in spainsh, which is a lame or sterile creature breed from horses and donkeys, used ” or good for” primarily physical labor. Interracial biracial or mixed are all adequately inoffensive vernacular

      • Mulo means mule in Spanish. Mulato/ mulatto means one black parent, one white. The words been around a long time and is still used today.

    • This story is BULLSHIT, it holds not real water weight to the contrast of truth and what is actually happening in this country! This is nothing more than yet another White Supremacist Think Tank initiative to misdirect the energy of the people! Exactly like those Halloween pics of some really dumb blacks dressed as slaves and the honkys that are painting their faces… ALL FINANCIALLY SPONSORED BY THOSE THINK TANKS!


      It was Dr. Claude Anderson that forecasted these types of reports happening over the next several years! That forecast was made in 2010 as seen on the video POWERNOMICS! nOW HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT dR. cLAUDE aNDERSON KNEW, that things in this country would start getting really racial focused over the exact time frame as said?

      Its just like CNN pushing a bullshit story about a Canadian political smoking crack, YET NO ONE has said one word about him, taking any kind of drug test, what-so-ever and that would be standard procedure!

      It is far time for us to get our heads out of our asses! There is a greater agenda going on and you will not see it coming so long a you are yielding to MISDIRECTION!

    • Although this article admits to being satire in the end, it is not funny, and it is clear that many people either don’t read to the end of the article, or they don’t know what satire is. I believe that was the intent – to slander chick-fil-a, that by all accounts, operates with the highest values and integrity.

    • Dear Lisa Ray

      Well for the record and please let the record reflect, European Christianity is and always been extremely homosexual, pedafilic and hateful especially toward woman!!! So even if this story was true, which it is not and is only another Government White Supremacist Think Tank Initiative, it would not matter about chicken-4lazy, because they wold be honoring the very principles that christianity was both founded on, upheld by and fuel d by to this very second in time!

      So don’t be sad, get and understanding, so that wisdom can then be added unto you

      – Poa • The Musical Anomaly ®

      • You’re so stupid, I hope you don’t reproduce more dumb racists like yourself. There are enough idiots in the world as is. Learn how to read you dumbass!

      • Fuck the last statement Anonymous. You seem to be the only dump ass racist commenting. How do I know. You use others as a mirror and operationalize your racist way through thinking your an authority for correcting others. Go take a few more swigs of moonshine and pass out already.

    • This is B.S. read the last sentence in the story. I cant believe the level of reading comprehension in this country. Everyone is so quick to cut someone elses throat. Cant you people see its the administration against the people. They feed us this crap like ice cream and we just eat it up WAKE UP AMERICA………………………………………………………………. This article is satire not originally written by or it’s affiliates.

    • I am african american, american indian and white so how much of me do you hate. God created me the way I am and he don’t discriminate. Shame on whomever wrote this. You might need to check your family tree.

    • You all realize this article was satire? A joke. A really bad one if you ask me because apparently people aren’t able to figure it out.

    • Seeing as how you’re mentally deficient and cannot read the first line in the article, I’m going to deem you a butthurt with no common sense.



    • Lisa, you are an idiot….learn how to read! The VERY FIRST line of the article, in nice bold type so that morons like you can see it, says “satire not to be taken literally.” Grab yourself a dictionary and go educate yourself on the meaning of that word. Quick, Go! Before you post another comment and make yourself look even more stupid.

    • majority of us is black that work at chick fil a…..that’s a dam shame….it’s shouldn’t matter what color u r….supposed to a men of God…i know that u look stupid then a mtf

    • Idiots. This is not real. I thought it was pretty obvious but the part about the ak-47 happy meals pretty much gives it away.

      • Lol, it’s some stupid ass people in the world. Just ready for someone to hear what they wack, loser ads has to say. This shit is fake. Keep firing off on these dumb ass fuckholes.

    • What is wronge with this world? First it was the gay thing now its the black thing. Be afraid very afraid because one day this thing will. Bite u in the ass.but if u love it i love it more u dumb fuck. Lmao.

    • I will never nor will any of my family and friends eat at your establishment again, you are one of many reasons why white people (to which I am also white) are still teaching the racist attitudes that your encouraging, you are an arrogant , ignorant, self centered and racist person , May God forgive you because the people I know certainly will not, I wish just one so called christian company would act just like that CHRISTIAN, You dont even know the meaning of the word, shame on you…..

      • Chic fil a is just promoting what they choose to believe which is their right.. But at the end of the day black people have nothing own nothing and do nothing for their own hence the saying (crabs in a barrel) who fault but our own not to be empowered enough to realize that we promote the racism in today’s society truly sad realization the truth hurts let’s own up to it and instead of social complaints make a conscious effort to change the way things are lol ( guess it’s to late for that now) huh…..

    • This is not true information. This is a planned attack once again by the left wing which usually has to lie to achieve what they want.

    • Seriously so many people see that it is a satire yet people are still laming an innocent man who had nothing to do with it. Really Lisa ray read the whole article..

    • This article is a joke, both Lefts and Rights blow everything out of proportion to fulfill their propaganda. I would have to hear the words direct from his mouth to believe this guy ever said that.
      And, as a side note, statistics say that blacks call in to work way more than any other race…I wouldn’t hire them either.



    • Thank you Lisa Ray for stating this so clearly. I am sick of these so called Christians who are not walking the talk!! I will not eat their again!

    • I am not outraged at all! We (BLACKS) were assimilated into your western culture, treated liked animals, slaughtered and killed because of the color of our skin. Christianity is not the true religion of BLACKS it was forced upon us by means of control and Blacks just excepted this. I believe in GOD, I don’t believe in your Christian God of Western Civilization!

    • Los mulato is a derogatory term… Look up the words history and you will find its another degrading word towards people of color. Although i do support your message.

    • what does he sell? chicken. to whom does he sell it? blacks. hey, you don’t like us, but you sure love are money!!! come on, my black brothers and sisters, take your money and go elsewhere!!! i had this chicken in baltimore, and was glad to see one open in warwick. any town that welcomes this outfit might as well hang their sheets in the window. you don’t like my skin color, i won’t support your business.

    • I don’t believe a word of this article. Show me proof that this article is legit, who is this source? Show me some undeniable proof so I can make a sound decision….otherwise this is just words put together to make a buck!

    • Well Said….I. am so sick n tired of this racist mess….Racism = Ignornance at Its Finest + Evil…..If ALL I had to think n worry about is the color of another person’s skin, I wouldnt hv Absolutely NOTHING to worry about…..People are going to hv a Very Rude Awakening once they reach their Eternal Home…If the dead could tell these ignorant silly people, they would….

    • Bitch you lucky you sitting behind ya money kuz this black Man would Fuk You up and Give your wife this long Black Dick and I promise when Im done…No More Fitting for you Dani Boi

    • and your married to a black man right,just guessing this by your comment and nothing is wrong with that—love is blind when it comes to race.I wish everybody would love each other like that.I have many friends too of different races and we all get along just fine.It’s always the people outside the circle that cause the problems.

    • Please don’t get mad or be upset about people being this way, what has been made crooked can’t be made straight bye man”s hand but only by GOD’S hands!

    • That’s why I dont buy your products eat aT your restaurant Hell no I won’t you hate me because I’m black and expect for me to break bread with you no I won’t so I’ll just keep on passing u by

    • Most blacks in the south have a different culture. I do not hate blacks,I just don’t care to have to associate with people that have a different culture. They could be any color.

  2. give the land back to the original occupiers and believe me it is not you, i have never to much cared for your food and will not spend one dime in your restaurant, that is my right as an African American/Indian and real Christian most of all

  3. I see this as a great reason to boycott this business. Sure, you have a right to you opinion, but to capitalize on HATE?? That is completely immoral, and absolutely un-Christian.

    Ak-47 in KIDS MEALS??!!

    I hope you choke on a chicken biscuit for that stupidity!!

    • its satire!! And what about AK-47s in kids meals? Don’t try to tell me you believed they tried to do that… if you honestly think a company would put anything costing around $1000 a pop and illegal in kids meals then there is no hope for you

      • To Mr or Mrs Anonymous, I feel so bad yet in giggles because only a few are reading the comments or the disclaimer…and you are not giving up to let the readers know its not real. I agree. When I read the AK-47, I laughed, I mean really. Who would believe that. I’m just in giggles. Whomever wrote this regardless if its a joke its also sparking up more hate because many people do not read completely & react 1st. I will probably not see this article again…but I am sure many will comment without reading its disclaimer.

  4. Not that I am a fan of how Chic-fil-a has dealt with the gay marriage issue, but this sounds fake. Why can’t other minority groups fight their battles without dragging blacks into it?

  5. I am not a fan of how Chic-fil-a handled the gay marriage issue, but I am also not buying this story. When will other minority groups learn to fight their own battles without dragging blacks into it? This sounds like someone took the same story line from the gay issue and just replaced “gay” with “black”.

    • They DID… hence this article being SATIRE


      Hard to believe how many effing stupid people here are flipping their shit over this story like it’s 100% truth.

    • Everybody! Keep your head in the sand of racism ! If you think that the powers to be give a rats behind about the race of the people they have conquered, you are wrong! This world is in big trouble and as long as they can keep people bickering over skin color they can continue taking all that’s important to us all ! Our retirement plan, pension plan and 401. Ks are being stolen from us little by little. It won’t matter what color we are because it will only be the rich and the rabble!

    • I’m not a fan of effing stupid people who don’t understand what SATIRE is. THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE AND SAYS RIGHT UP FRONT THAT IT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY!!!!!

  6. Your honest opinion is OK. But when you look around, knowing that you are a Christian company, there’s a war that’s been going on, & today it is more relevant than ever. Now it is not time to fight your Christian brothers & sisters. Now is the time to wins souls for the kingdom of God. There are over 7 billion people in the world, I’m sure your company can find something more important to concentrate on other than to promote hate among Americans. Don’t we have enough going on today without you added more fuel to the fire?
    Matthew 25:31-46

    31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

    34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

    44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

    45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

    46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

    • The article was satire. I really hope you used the copy and paste function because if your determination dictated typing out that diatribe in response to satire, you’ve got waaaaaayyyyyyy too much free time. Maybe you should take up improving your reading comprehension.

      • Okay!!!! So Its a joke not real all made up cool…. SO it being a joke makes it okay for you to say oh its just a joke…. So then taint Mr. Cathy name and put a bad taste in everyone mouth for what…. A joke you all have a problem fuck the post and all of your racist comments And I mean everyone last person post on this bullshit!!! WHO DEFENDS A JOKE AND AS PEOPLE OF COLOR HOW DARE YOU BE OUTRAGED AT SOMETHING SO SMALL AS THIS FOOLISH ACT TO CAUSE RACIST ACT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER….. LIKE IT OR NOT WE ALL ARE AMERICAN…… SO WHAT ARE YOU RACIST TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BITCH KICK THEN!!!!!! WE DONT HAVEST TERRORIST HERE!!!!!! Team American

    • Dear “Love conquers all” please re-read the article all the way to the end. This satirical fiction has gotten the response from you that was intended.To spread hate!

  7. The answer is way to easy, dont talk about it be about it, not discussion needed, all people should stand against this establishment, black, white, Latino, red, blue, brown because at the rate that he’s going “Cathy is continuing his plans to unveil a new campaign every few months with future targets including “liberals and people of Asian, Hispanic and Arabic descent”, WOW, he can never get my money.

  8. How dense are you people? This isn’t real. It’s satire.

    I fear for our country, truly. This is how we all fall down; the idiocracy.

    • Is the picture of the little white boy in a KKK outfit satirical as well? how dense are you not to realize that even a satirical article such as this is a reminder of the continued racism that permeates our society? The idiocracy falls with the person who wrote the article with full knowledge of the reactions it would incite…

  9. I will never that bullshit again and I’m going to the one in my town and show this article to the manager and askhim do he feel the same way and show him what kinda people he works for this really bothers me that someone has the balls to say this he thinks this is the 50’s and 60’s this dude is crazy

  10. No real christian feels this way. The bible says love one another. If you don’t care for blacks then clearly u don’t care about God will or way. How can u say u love God n not others. U can’t and if u say u love God u are a LIAR!! The bible teaches us better. I hope this is a fake story but if its real I will pray for you!!!!!!!!!

  11. I dont like your nasty azz food anyways…….You can dismiss me any day of the week even if it Was FREE……….IDIOT

  12. Well ɪ̣̝̇†̥ just appears some ppl are just self centered and selfish, if this dude got a conscience, let him pause and and have a rethink of his actions. Even if we live we live in a country xhere U̶̲̥̅̊ express urr views we. Shouldn’t abuse others of the coloour of their skin

  13. Sorry excuse for a human.. People like you need to be dealt with accordingly. Talk all that noise will you hide behind close doors. Come show your face at one of your so called appreciation days and let’s see how bold you are

  14. Everybody needs to post this lets shut everyone of them down if he’s stupid enough to let BLACKS know we ought to be smart enough not to give him another PENNY !!!!!

    • I am with you I saw this a posted on facebook! I was like how can’t you believe that a business owner would want to put an AK-47 in a kids meal those are thousand dollar guns and where would we store them! Just really stupid people who probably have no idea what SATIRE means or even a care that posting stupid shit like this just makes race relations worse!

  15. I hate you Fucking niggers! I hope to God he did say it. You porch monkeys dont deserve to live. I cant wait for the KKK to make a comeback.

      • The article is fake. It has a disclaimer at the end. It is satire. Read the entire article before making ignorant decisions.

      • Don’t use that word I mean cracker or better yet goggle that shit!!!! A cracker was the master hand that beat slaves you getting outta line… You really wanna call him that?

      • Just plain igronant a real idiot i hope no one eats at chick fil a ever again i knw fo a fact i won’t again now kiss my black ass !!!!!

    • shocked u can kiss my fuckin ass u ugly racist son of a bitch. U yo mammie yo kids & yo grandkids will all be dead and the kkk asses will still be hiding their coward asses behind those white sheets. Their coward asses know dam well if they even attempt to try some shit like that what will happen. YO UGLY ASS KNOW TO… YOU BITCH….

    • God Bless you and may he have mercy on your soul. However, your ignorance however will not set you free. How date you put the words God and hate within two close sentences like that!

    • You are just really don’t even deserve a response, but I just couldn’t help are just PITIFUL. I even feel sorry for you because you just look at yourself and dare to think you are better than someone else. How????? Pathetic

  16. Its not fake! We should not be forced to eat amongst the lesser kind. You niggers need to be schooled. The real revelotution is coming. WHITE POWER

    • IHatENiggers – For starters, before you go around ranting and raving your hatred, your stupid ass should learn how to spell. Secondly, “school” your precious SLUTS on how to carry themselves more lady-like so they can stop throwing their nasty pu$$ies in the faces of black men. I mean, you do realize that when you’re carpet-munching your WHORE, she more than likely just got her back broke by a nigger?!?! Sorry to be the one to tell you, but all that’s WHITE ain’t too POWERful!!!!


    • You can be racist all you want, but if you had any type of intelligence, or could actually READ, you would know this article is fake. Unless you don’t know what “satire” means. You already can’t spell so I know your education must be limited. I would much rather not eat with your kind anyway.

  17. Guys… This isn’t a real story. Whoever wrote this article is trying to incite and upset you but if you read the bottom of the article it clearly states “This article is satire[.]”

  18. You have got to be kidding??? Obviously a few people failed to read the ENTIRE article to the end. This is satire and a joke and we as “intelligent” people are ready to riot. Very sad. Reading is so fundamental

  19. Racist is so out of style sum white ppl still try to keep it up but you look like trash when ur being a racist I feel sorry for the good whites an blacks that fought side by side in War for freedom and look what we got a racist business owner that needs to be shut down . . Peopke stop saying blacks r complaing about the racist thing again because they actually live it and gota deal with these everyday PROBLEMS so until ur skin is blk and u know what it is shut the fuck up…. and be hapoy ur not cause its Hard being hated cause the color of ur skin…

  20. I have never eaten there and never will. Not because I am a black woman, but because I cant stand Ignorance! I will continue to pray for ignorant people as such! This is 2013 and if you think that Racism isnt an issue then sorry your just as ignorant as the racist person that speak it.

    • Did you read at the bottom of this article that it was written as satire, which means this isn’t true someone made it up. My guess is to make people believe something so untrue as to put a 3000.00 gun in a happy meal! Please read the whole article before you go spreading untrue stuff! This kind of shit just makes race relations worse, all because some jack ass thought this was funny! Well I don’t


  22. I’m going to need you all to look up the word “satire” in the dictionary and in the thesaurus before you start spazzing out over this. That is all.

    • For real it is like no one knows what Satire means. I do understand the anger, which I think was the real point of the stupid satire!

    • Or have children. I do enjoy that people are slinging words like cracker and whitey in response to what they consider racism. Not to mention the part where they don’t know what satire is but call the guy ignorant. Irony at its finest!!! ;-) .

      • We can’t blame everything that is going wrong in this country on the blacks. Let’s look at who are bring the drugs in this country, who is robbing banks, who is committing suicide and who is going into our schools and kiling our children. America isn’t in trouble just because of the blacks. Let’s own up to what we are doing wrong.

  23. You fucks mad because I hate niggers? These coloreds have ruined our country. Look how bad crime and schools are because of them. They are nothing but lying, cheating, underachieving, crackhead rapist.

    • I’ve never done drugs, never been arrested, don’t have any children, have a job, have travelled all over the world, have a degree and I’m sure more successful than you…..DEFINITLEY more educated than you. So i just blew a hole into your theory numb nuts. Congratulations…youre an idiot.

    • This bastard that call him or herself ” IHatENiggers ” is one dumb bitch. u wanna call black ppl rapists. didn’t I tell u that ur great great great grand pappy fucked the lil black girls. MY BAD…HIS ASS RAPED THEM…So b4 u hate a black person…Make sure he or she isn’t ur dam relative.. DUMB ASS…

    • What have black people done to whites? Read your history. Blacks didn’t ask to come to this country. When they tried to leave they were beaten and wiped. Blacks lived in a rich country until whites took that like they did the Indians. So it appears that y’all took from others claiming it’s yours. Amazed

    • What about all the famous blacks who’ve made this company what it is…the strives in medicines and inventions that make this country the finest to live in? IJS

    • just to let you know.. the caucasian devil has ruined the entire planet. that’s y God has to remove you from the face of the earth and bring in a new world, and righteous government. you have killed millions in the name of God, and still killing people all over the planet. I’m sure everyone besides the devil would agree, that a world without white racist and white so called “supremacist” is actually heaven.

    • @ IHatENiggers: No we are Not mad cause you Hate Niggers. African American, Black people etc.. Hate Niggers too and you clearly are displaying your self as one LOL. BTW! White people didn’t build American Blacks and immigrants (mostly Blacks) Built “America” Some White people may have brought us here but We Built it. You were to fragile to Build Anything LOL couldn’t stand the heat so you had us Build for you, So We’ll take credit for that thank you. DISCLAIMER: Not All “White people” are Racist Nor are all “Black people” nor are all “Black people “Niggers” there are “Niggers” in every Ethnicity. As Far as the comment about us being Lying, Cheating, Underachieving, Crack head Rapists; there are Quite a Few other ethnic groups including yours that hold that title as well.

    • you are so ignorant, If you really look at the big picture, blacks built this country because whites are too lazy to do the work themselves, the last time I checked crack was made by a white man, and whites took prayer out of schools, there are more white child molesters and look at all the white lying politicians, you and people like you I pray for you. ya’ll will bust hell wide open. Heaven is not colored coded and Jesus guess what he is not white either, I hope God has mercy on ya’lls soul.

  24. u have to give him credit @ least he’s honest about his “not caring for blacks” as a black male i respect him more than someone who does not have the guts to openly say how they truly feel. i don’t endorse hate speech but hes right, as a citizen he is guaranteed that liberty.
    *eats waffle fry and sips lemonade*

  25. posting this or spreading this with a tiny little line at the bottom that this is satire is BS! This contributes the all the racial issues we have making fun of them and discord to people all because most people didn’t read that this is satire. This I do not find funny and I believe it should have never been reposted by anyone or even written is it a pawn to create more hate, so that is the point of satire now! Just stupid!

  26. ….look, I’m not going to defend Chik-fil-a here, but PLEASE read the whole article before you flip out on your comments. It is “satire”. And for those of you who (apparently) have NO IDEA what the word satire means, here is the boiled down version: it is a NOT REAL story, meant to illustrate an issue. This is FAKE. A Fake story. Not real. NOT REAL. Not real not real not real. THIS STORY IS NOT REAL!

    Holy mother of god….

  27. To the people who are dumb and fools. God is the only one who can judge. To belittle one race is to do the same to one’s own race and self. People should realize that it who is rich and who Is poor now of days. Whites blacks and every other race has the same problem and that is hate for each other.

  28. Boycott if need be – hit him were it will hurt, the pockets! I’m not to upset, because I’m not colored, I’m an Afro-American.

  29. WOW, This don’t amaze or daze me. I have been on this planet for decades. we still have to make strides and eradicate these elements. however its a big world, we all live in it. so I tolerate and live my life. Racism exists all across the globe. We must all just keep the fight alive for us and our children. peace

  30. Now people went after Paula Deen at the very hint of saying the word wrong!!! This major fast food chain, and owner openly admits it, and the majority of people who support him are the people he hates the most!!!!! Can You Say Boycott Chick Fila???

  31. I read tha whole article it’s stupid but its obvious tha ignorant white power groups got their life out of it… Lmao!!! But this isn’t your country either…

  32. I dont like yall food anyways and just for your racial comment i wont ever allow none of my people to eat at chic-fillet period!!! and notice how i wrote and spelt it lol!! U fucking hater!!

  33. Leaving aside the satire aspect, the fact that it is believable, should be a major wake up for CFA and similar organisations that are clearly perceived as racist / homophobic / misogynistic.

  34. I don’t care if this is real or not. It shouldn’t have been posted. I am an African American and I work for this company and to hear that my “boss” doesn’t like my race makes me sick to my stomach.

  35. Ah when will this crap ever end… Face it had not the white people left England and on the way picked up the blacks from Africa then we won’t have this problem. But be cause white people are threaten by the intelligent of blacks now they hate them. You saw what happen to Tommy Hilfigure don’t hear much about his stuff after he said he doesn’t want black people wearing his clothes. They going learn just keep your pie hole shut

  36. Hello all. We want to first thank you for visiting our site. Yes, this article is “satire” meaning it is fake. But we chose to allow our writer to post it because it is both timely and relevant. We noticed some of you elected to say the author(for the record it’s someone who isn’t a member of our staff” intends to spew hate. We don’t feel that was the intent at all. You see, while these comments may not have come directly from the CEO they are the thoughts of many big company CEO’s. One needs not look much further than the recent Barneys situation ( Or the number of Tommy Hilfiger incidents; racism and classism are everywhere. This article just brings it to light in a blunt way.

    People who get angry at the post as if CEO’s of major companies don’t think like this are just as ignorant as the people who failed to read the disclaimer.

    Thanks again for reading.

    • This isn’t the people of this site #1 and if it ain’t really main steam post the article of him denying the acts of what was said!!!!!!! I work in media you bosses would have your head for posting inside a comment box Fake as hell but nice try!!!!

  37. wow, way to go youre looking good in dat white sheet, show mo, let me see yo pretty mama and handsome daddy all dressed in thier sunday best white outfit. Boy, yall too much, kind of sad but you do know how to throw a white sheet over yo head, iffin I have never seen a nigger I see one when I look down on you aahahaa, niggers, you can’t live wit em and you can’t live without em.

  38. Yes it is fake.. but I say let people keep thinking it is real. Hopefully it will shut this prejudice establishment down. Actually I think I will just starting sending this out to everyone and let them read or ignore (hopefully ignore) the bottom disclaimer. I really hope it will bring those homophobic assholes at Chick-fil-A down. ~from a heterosexual female (just thought I would add that in before you all claim I am gay just because I support equality and hate this fast food place)

  39. I don’t care who is raciest and who is not, all I care about is taking care of my family and me. Raciest or not we are all gonna die and get buried the same way.people worry too much about the wrong things.

  40. We all have ithe right to freedom of speech and where weI spend our money. Pray they see the bigger pic before thier eyes close. GOD BLESS THEM
    Love not hate… you dont even know why u dont like African Americans..

  41. I am so concerned about a society that cannot take satire for what it is worth. IT IS SUPPOSED to be funny. For once, read the whole story not just the parts you CHOOSE to read.

    • Now I understand that it is satire but believe me there is absolutely nothing funny about the article. Some of us do take it for what it is worth and thst is nothing. It has no value and it adds nothing to the in betterment of life. While he said people who don’t believe CEOs think this way are just as ignorant as people who believed the article was real is a very unintelligent statement. We are not ignorant to the fact that some people continue to hate without cause but to specifically label a CEO of a company is malicious especially not knowing his true position because as we all know there are many uneducated people of all races who do not understand what “satire” means and no doubt would cause this kind of hostility. Oh and for the record you can have a PhD and all the book sense and have no common sense and in my opinion you are and educated idiot.

  42. I know racism exists but my ignorance has lead me to believe that we are a contry coming together slowly. There are all racrs fighting for others rights to havr freedom just like we have. Are you going to hate the soldiers who gave up their lives for YOU and others just because of their color? If so, Please leave our contry.

  43. Saying it’s satire doesn’t excuse the fact that a poor joke has fueled so many hurtful comments. Freedom of speech yes freedom to hurt NO.

  44. It’s amazing to see so many people “hating” on a company
    (Especially when the article is fake… ) when they profess to
    be the ones who dislike being hated. The golden rule would be
    a good one to follow. Number 1, if you believe this is real I would strongly
    suggest you read the ENTIRE thing. Number 2, if you want
    to be able to express your feelings and beliefs then quit hating
    on someone else. Number 3, this country needs to grow some balls.
    Grow up, people will always be racist and hate… So what?? Embrace who
    you are and stop worrying about what someone else thinks and says.
    This article is especially funny because most chick-fil-a’s are full of
    beautiful colors. Freedom just doesn’t mean free anymore.

  45. First of all I have to shake my head when I see all the hateful comments in response to, well, hatred. We hate you because you hate………. That makes complete sense. What I find more disturbing is the fact that most of the comments indicate the readers either lack basic reading comprehension and completely missed the part about satire or they have no idea what satire is. The irony of calling the guy ignorant and closed minded is simply too good. Looks like some of you owe the sammich man an apology…….

  46. First of all I’m not racist. To be correct the Indians found this land. The white man stole this land from the indians. That’s what your good for is stealing, that goes for everything. Now that’s why our country is slowly dying because of greed. Remember the devil was an angel until he wanted to be as powerful as god.. This is nothing but the DEVIL..

  47. The only fast food restaurant i ever tip at! However just because you are such way i refuse to think that way of your employees . May God cleanse your heart.

  48. I would love to put my big black foot in his ass. That’s why I hate that place wish they would just close them all. And put his ass on the street and become homeless.

  49. Man!! It is funny seeing how many people simply didn’t READ THE WHOLE THING! Smh IT SAYS IT’S A SATIRE!!! THIS DID NOT HAPPEN!!!

  50. This is what’s wrong with this country. The people are just plain idiots. At the bottom, the very last line, says that the article is satire. Now one of two conditions exist, people don’t know what satire means, or they were quick to jump on the ignorant band wagon and make angry posts. Those of you who made angry posts against the restaurant look really dumb in the eyes of those who know that the story was just a joke.

  51. Because of all the REAL hate going on in this country. Satirical statements are not considered funny, especially in relation to race. We have enough racial tension…so even poking fun of it will never be readily accepted.

  52. Some of you are simply dismissing this because its”satire”. You are all quick to call people idiots etc…Have you stop to consider that satire or not, some people would still be offended by this statement? Just because “you” never experience blatant racism and someone else may have, does not give you all a right to “dismiss it”.

  53. Why is it so difficult for people to READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE before making a snap judgement and responding before they have all of the information that is available to them? That is one of the reasons why there are so many problems in this country right now. People have short attention spans and just don’t bother to completely read through everything before responding. Getting so upset over something that was intended to be a joke. It may have been in poor taste but even so, make sure that you are getting upset for the right reasons…..

  54. sat·ire (str)
    a. A literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit.

    b. The branch of literature constituting such works. See Synonyms at caricature.

    2. Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

    This is directly from the online dictionary. The best word I can use to describe this article is stupidity! I am white. I am female. I have 3 children. I was raised in a home, in the “sticks” by a redneck grandmother and grandfather. I was always told “you better not ever, EVER, date a black man or bring one home”. When my grandfather passed away, his preacher was an African American man. I was so impressed by how far the greatest man I ever knew had come it brought tears to my eyes. Racism is everywhere. It will never go away. But for the author of this article to want to publish this because they found humor in it or thought that it was funny is ignorant. And all the comments above just proved that.

  55. To all of you who keeps screaming its satire, your absolutely right the article is satire but his statement is true. I know for a fact that this portion of the article is true, “the number of radical ‘anti-government’ militia groups increased from 150 to 1,274 during the years of the Obama presidency. There have been more homegrown domestic terrorism attacks by right-wing groups than by international terrorists during his presidency as well. Now chew on that chicken biscuit! Not all whites feel or think the same way but there is large number out there, that have found their Jim Crow roots! GOD LOVES!

  56. i eat at that stupid ass place almost every morning…truth b told it only makes blacks sick. thry haveto use tonsof salt to try to mock our seasoning skills…not only that…they need the iodine cuz their bodies dont produce it…calcium either…so would it b fairto say…go overdose on milk jack ass…or is that the reason the cow is a mascott any way. its sad parents still raise their children to hate blacks out of jealousy that we ate the chosen ones…the same shit in dat chicken we get from just goin in the sun. fuck chick fila….their menu is wack anyway…cuz they cant cook!

  57. At first I thought this website was a weak attempt at copying the Onion. Based on some of the other material here, it appears to me that you wish to be taken seriously. If so, then why does this website repost this crap and then right at the very end list it as satire? If you look at the post from other sites, it labels it as satire up front. I can only surmise that you were hoping people would get angry due to not reading it all the way through. If you want to be taken seriously, then you should more carefully think about what you’re going to post here and how you structure it. Pretty slimy way to play at being a news site.

  58. The disclaimer at the bottom states that this is a satire…a satire is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices on topical issues. If this article was made up by the gay community, then they have done a great job lol, considering that most of these people (commenters) don’t know what a satire is, therefore they are threatening to boycott this establishment off of lies lol. It’s just crazy how ignorance could possibly ruin an establishment.

  59. I stumbled upon this somehow but glad I did. This is hilarious! Mr or Ms. Anonymous , I admire your persistence. PROOF- PEOPLE DO NOT READ!

  60. Who ever wrote this “satire” should be smack in the face with a chicken nugget…HARD and by the COO of Chick-Fil A. You just don’t play around with this type of stuff. We all know that folks don’t read the small print or listen to the man at the end who talks really fast telling you all the bad side affects from something! BUT, even after reading it was a SATIRE, I’m still offended. I’m just saying! Take this down, it’s not worth the publicity! And, I found no humor it is what so ever!

    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

    • I agree with Sheri. Such poor taste and if anyone thinks its funny maybe they are undercover racists like the jackass that made the statement.

  61. I never understood why whites were called devils when I was younger, but the name fits. They are by far the most hateful, vengeful malicious race. Even history shows that every land they touched they destroyed. I’m not surprised by this.

  62. I don’t understand why people have say people are “f’in stupid” for not reading the entire article. Why can’t you just advise people to read it all to know the whole story. Instead you use words of hate and disrespect. Are you not smart enough to find words that don’t include calling people “f’in stupid”. Why do people have to be rude. I admit when I first read it I didn’t read it all and then when i did, I didn’t know what satire meant. But someone brought to my attention what the article said at the bottom and then I looked the word up and then realized I may have jumped the gun and I learned a new word at the same time. The world is so full of hateful, mean & rude people. We are supposed to be here to help each other not hate each other. Just saying………..

  63. I’m not a racist at all. I’m at work with hard working black men and white men all day at my job and they’re all men with goals ,dreams and a strong work ethic. We’re a team and we see through the colors of racism. We cracked jokes on each other all the time that include the color of our skin. We all have a equal understanding on the difference between racism and hating the stereotypes that flood our daily lives. Stereotypes like lazy, thieving, ignorant, dumb, dishonest, hoodlum Mexicans, Asians, and Blacks. Not every “Black” is the same. It’s the stereotypical ones that they hate. There’s just a lot more of blacks that fit the ignorant stereotype then whites. Primarily due to the music they listen to. I’m talking about rap music. Now I know that rap music and ignorance is everywhere within all ethnicity. But it, to me, seems to be focused in the black community. All the gentlemen here support my point of view so I’ve received input from black men on my opinion. He doesn’t hate all blacks. He just dislikes the stereotypes. This includes gays. Say a gay man walks into his restaurant and he has no idea he’s gay. There’s no problem then. Buy your food and move along. But being openly gay and annoying about it is a burden to people that don’t support their idea of love. I’m just saying open your mind and be honest instead of pretending like we will finally remove hate from our world.

    • Where do you get your statistics from on the numbers of ignorant people in any given race? Stick to working hard at your job because you sound ignorant in your comment. Furthermore, not all rap is “ignorant” just like not all “blacks” listen to only rap music. Your whole comment was a contradiction and by far one of the most ignorant comments on here. There’s positive, motivational rap that brings awareness to the community, just as there’s negative, violent and ignorant alternative or rock music. So there’s negativity and ignorance in all races and you are no one to hop on a high horse and pretend to be some sort of expert on what race has the most ignorant people. It all depends on what area you are in, because if you go to a predominantly white area and hit the lower class portion, or even the middle and upper class, I can guarantee you there’s more ignorant whites there than ignorant blacks and vice versa. You are truly a sad soul and I shall pray for you and your ignorance, because apparently you think you have the world of ignorance figured out, yet you’re right at the epicenter.

      lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

  64. How fucking stupid are you people!? It’s not real, it’s a “joke” and a very poor one at that. I would be expecting a defamation lawsuit if I were you. It’s shit like this that promotes hate. All the dumbasses on here that don’t even know what satire is, now want to kill all the white men. You should be shot, I’m pretty sure nobody would miss your hateful ass!

  65. Why would you print this type of race baiting material and wait until the end of the article to let people know that it’s satire?

  66. Pingback: Hatred and Bigotry are extremely profitable in the United States. | Msstraightnocut

    • Dan Cathy..nasty… Don’t lie black ppl..juat remember..when u leave this world your body will turn black..of course I know some one like u don’t know whata happen when u r no longer on the earth..I said that to say this we all black…STUPID…I am a black woman and I have a white daughter..yes I am her from a white man..he beg me for this black cat!Mt family nory self will never eat from your franchise everyin life again..Hell,I know u don’t care if I do or not…nor will my WHITE daughter.cause she loves her black momma..o yea..and I know plentyof rich white your self that love black women..u stupid..FYI…

  67. Will you people please look up the definition of a satire!!! Dan Cathy did not say these things. Someone wrote this spoof to make fun of his stance on same sex marriage.

  68. Will you people please look up the definition of a satire! Dan Cathy did not say any of this. Someone wrote this spoof as a way to make fun of his views on same sex marriage.

  69. All of you idiots that continue to point out the satire disclaimer, maybe you need to pick up a damn dictionary or learn how to read, it says the article is satire, not that the quotes are false or don’t exist. Satirical or not, the fact in and of itself that someone wrote this and this website felt the need to post it (support it) is RACIST!!!!!!!! DUUHHHHH!!!! I feel so sorry for the new generation of children being raised by such idiotic, uneducated, immoral parents of all races!!! Truly sad that anyone felt the need to defend this article whether it’s real or not!! For all you dummies here’s a definition for you, so you can understand that satire does not equal fake or fictional!

    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.


  71. Damn!!!! Now I am going to have to find me another chicken place to spend my hard earn BLACK money….. But some jokes should be kept private if you “SO Called” not racist people don’t want to hear the aftermath of your stupid jokes.

  72. Wow I read the entire article and everyone’s comments. I have friends and family from all walks of life. Welcome to america. But it seems the ignorant views of the the few take and twist the the true strengths of this country. Our diversity! And racism in itself is ignorant. That’s like hate of a bird for being a bird. That damn bird did have a choice on weather to be hawk or eagle. Do a history check on why whites hated blacks before slavery in the unitedstates or apartheid in africa. We are all mullatto. If you don’t believe me just get your DNA checked. There is an old black GENE in ever person on Earth. Hate of one self. I’m a two time vet that served with many. And got family and friends from Texas Cali GA Mississippi NY TN FLA ARKANSAS even vale colorado yea I stayed there. I’m black and I skateboard Ski snowboard listen to rap and rock and salsa. I loved South America. Bottom line people are people assholes come in more than one color. And i’m part of one race the human race……….NO PUPPET.

  73. it’s funny how a so called fake article has drawn in many responses… i wonder how many people will have to go to a hospital for a fake heart-attack.. it’s real as anything else.. if it wasn’t real.. it wouldn’t exist.

  74. Everyone who thinks this is real is a fucking idiot. It says in bold under the title of the “article” that is is “satire not to be taken literally.” Learn what things mean and understand that this is a made up story before putting on your racism pants. Geez people.

    • It’s still in poor taste. Is your mind that limitedl that, that’s the best you can do? Especially realizing the probability of negativity. Sue your PR people for such a poor job. By the way,there is no white and black heavens, so you are on your way to hell. Have a nice trip!


  76. Why in the world would you publish something like this when our nation is divided enough already. It makes me furious beyond belief. this is hateful, and just causes hurt and anger. And ppl ask why there is disunity in our nation? Because there are idiots who publish hateful things like this. I am more than disgusted.

  77. We are all the Human Race beautifully created in a rainbow of flesh tones. We celebrate many different cultures and spiritual beliefs. We have allowed racial labels and separatism dehumanize us. Cosigning hatred, bigotry and discrimination. We live in a society where woman and people of color and those who are living in poverty are treated as second class citizens. Our most segregated day of the week is Sunday when most Americans attend worship, praising the same God. When are we going to get it. We are all in this together. Churches need to lead the way to healing our nation.

  78. I don’t believe this article at all. “according to a senior level manager..” Who is the senior level manager? “When confronted..” Who confronted him and where? People need to understand everything on the internet is not truth. There are no facts here. All heresay.

  79. Blah blah blah. All I read nowadays is petty dramatic shit to get people stirred up. America is becoming too sensitive. I don’t care what a company likes or doesn’t like. Their chicken is delicious and I’m still going to eat there. Quit whining and complaining about everything.

  80. Wow you should repent of your hate and unbelief and turn to the lord with your whole heart a total surrender to the Lord Jesus

  81. Underneath the skirts of religious fundamentalist are divisive, detaching desires, striving to instill fear into all of us. Dan Cathy is marketing his food as Redemption-burgers.

  82. Maybe Black people should just stop eating at Chick fil-A……. Know that I know how they feel about me…. I don’t give much of a damn about them either…….. I boycotting them……

  83. Just because Mr.Kathy has express his views on the subject of homosexuality doesn’t not make him a racists at all. The story is supposed to be poking fun at his views is what you all are trying to say? At the same time you have gotten it all twisted.

    This whole anti-gay thing is getting way out of hand. This is tied to religious beliefs & nothing more. This has nothing to do with racism or him hating anyone. You have to be careful what you say about gays now a days because the minute you talk against them, they want to label you as a hate or biased person. It’s like they have more rights than you now as they force their lifestyles on everyone especially children are becoming their targets.

    Moral of the story here:
    You should always respect everyone no matter how twisted or absurd their lifestyle is, hate what is wrong but do not do hateful things to a person. Show etiquette It’s not your place to judge them.

  84. You people are stupid. It’s SATIRE. Means its not accurate info. Share this story and keep spreading the hate if that’s the kind of world you want to live in.

  85. Its killing me how everybody is screaming and hollering about the last line. Ok, so calling it satire makes it alright. This article was NOT funny and was completely rude. Calling it satire at the end doesnt excuse the nastiness!!!

    • I think the editor came off in a completely wrong way. Question is whether they meant to be offensive, I personally know people with twisted humor & i know sometimes can come off as nasty but it wasn’t their intention. It’s really a questions or irresponsibility & morality on the editors part. Despicable.

  86. This is not true. It s satire. Satire means it is not true and is making fun of an issue. That is what satire is, folks.
    This is why I am nervous about upcoming elections in this country, People will believe anything. People: Please read (comprehend what you are reading) and research. (I feel as if I am addressing my ninth grade English students here),

  87. I realize this is supposedly ‘satire’, but I didn’t care for it at all. Other than the last paragraph, it wasn’t really satirical in the least. There was little to no wit in it, which explains why so many people didn’t see that it wasn’t supposed to be taken as truth. Satire should be in-your-face-sarcastic, so I agree with the person who said the author missed the mark. This isn’t really satire; it’s outright lying.

  88. Not only does it have a disclaimer at the bottom of the story, as people have been pointing out, it also says it’s satire at the beginning of the article. Seriously why can’t people read??!!

  89. Thank god for free speech. Reading some of the comments make me laugh. Doesn’t anyone know how to speak these days. This man is going to make millions of his comments. Go for it Mr. Cathy. Black people need to get over it. White people talk crap about black people. Black people talk crap about white people. It is what it is!!!


  91. How funny it is to defend an article because someone slaps “satire” on it. So, is that all we have to do today… Make an article denigrating people, then say it’s satire? The thing is, satire is only used to illustrate true social conditions! So if this is satire, then it does a wonderful job displaying the hatred of blacks in America. I would advise people to do their research on both literary devices and African American “chattel” slavery. Trust and believe, there would be no USA without the slave. As quiet as it’s kept, Blacks’ free labor is why this country is so wealthy in the first place. So all you klan members spewing your white supremacy rhetoric, read a damn book that explores how Black Africans have been co-opted and oppressed for years because of greed and imperialism. That doesn’t make you superior, it’s makes you tyrants.

  92. I’m tired white people claiming this country belong to them. Who ever posted this need to go back and study their history. This country belong to the Indians,and it was stole from them. Black people was forced here against there will and sold like animal. This country was build on the backs of black people and the white people got all the profit , and the slaves got nothing.

  93. Wow, wow. Man has balls! I’d love to hear what his black supports have to say now. When he did his little anti-gay move , he had members of the black community supporting him. I can see them standing there now, Bag in hand.. Going…. Ah What? What did he say? This guy is demonic. Shut him down! When one has hate for one group, it doesn’t stop there.

  94. I’m just going to say this , I hear people saying it supposed to be a Christian company, their is no way you and no one else can call it that ,when you sir is the founder with views about other peoples like that, because as a founder your views is what company would be supporting.that being said you don’t never have to worry about myself or any of my family, friends, and associates eating at none of them, and I advise every other whether you be Christian ,black, maluto,and anyone with any common morals, should eat their , you and peoples like you that support such foolishness eat your on food , and I pray that the LORD. JESUS CHRIST find in his heart to forgive you before you died, but you have to really ask for forgiveness from the heart your self first, so if you think you are to good and high and mighty to do that ,then HELL will be your home

  95. Well I won’t be eating there ever again……just sad.. It goes to show how no matter how far you get in school it’s always gonna be a DUMMY with a degree out of the crowd

  96. sat·ire
    noun: satire1. the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

  97. Satire articles like this are written just to get people riled up. Just like so many of you here that think it is true because your too stupid to understand the bottom line!

  98. well im not sure if such statements are true and I really don’t care. however if they are true I can only continue to pray for those in need of guidance. im an African American myself and I respect any and everyone of any/all races as long as they respect me. I pray our society as a whole get it together and start loving each other because god see us all the same, we just come in various shades……and that’s how I see everyone, I don’t see race at all. I think our nation would be so much better if we all learn to love/respect each other

  99. First off Im not entirely gay and Im not black but I will never eat at your Chick fil a again so none of my friends will and your whole company is stupid for doing this

  100. Cathy is Martha Stewart in this present day time! His establishment will falter because of his insidious quotes and beliefs concerning black folks. Laws are put in place for a reason. Danny, if you don’t like it move to Australia.

  101. I want all of you niggers to suck my cracker dick. I walked pass a porch monkey today and almost puked. You all are a drain on our economy. Bring slavery back.

  102. Hit bigotry in their bank accounts! cook at home or patronized people who loves God’s creation and not Pretend TO KNOW HIM, not opening on Sunday don’t make you a Christian, when the rest of the time you Serve Satan as your master!

  103. On a completely non-satirical note, Mr. Cathy had better get that Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) out of that chicken he sells before word gets out that his chicken is not nearly as healthy, wholesome, OR worth the ridiculous prices he charges, as he presents it to be.

  104. This is what we can expect from the low information voters. The ones who don’t know what the word “Satire” means so they prattle on like they have a clue.

  105. Well I was planning on taking my nephew to the Chick Fil A location that just opened in my neighborhood, but being that he is mixed with African American and White, i think I’ll pass. I don’t want to give my hard earned money to a place like this. Its sad because the food is actually pretty good!

  106. It may be a fake article, but it’s not cute or funny. Especially when there is still so much hate for the African American cultural . This is my opinion so whoever feels they want to put me on blast go ahead, but this article is sick and degrading. Whether Fake or not, I’m still offended. It opened up doors that should not have been open. It’s ok for those in different races to throw shade or hate, because it’s not you that is being slandered or constant embarrassed.

  107. It’s not real people…You have fallen into their trap. Because it is a good company with good beliefs, this have made someone mad. They have been trying to get people to boycott chick fillet for years. Why not use the blacks? We get furious enough to ban the place without checking, and most probly didn’t read all the entire article to see the last sentence. Let’s do our homework before jumping into conclusions.

  108. i will no longer support chic fil a i have 4 children who will not support i have brothers n sisters who will not support i belong to 10 groups on fb of at least 100 per group with the biggest group at 8k n we all say we will not support so we see how the restuarant does its business from now on

  109. And this company is “supposed” to be Christian based how is that showing others the love of God. God isn’t racist or sexist he loves all of us the same regardless of what we look like or our sexual orientation this guy is a straight up jerk


  111. Wow I didn’t think chick fila would public endorse racism, was glad to see it was confirmed SATTIRE but wow alot of back and forth hate from others who didn’t read through the comments. That pretty much gave it away after so many reads. Its true. Social media actually keeps the fire brewing in its own ugly little way too. God help us please………………..

  112. Well, no more chick-fil-A for me. That is personal, but talking about the issue will not change this persons or any one else’s opinion about black people. If race was never a subject of discrimination then it would be something else. There will always be discrimination of some sort but that does not make it right. So many people feel insecure and use the differences in others to elevate their own self esteem which is sad. When will people realize that diversity is the key to life even from a scientific standpoint. Honestly, you can not change everyone’s rightful opinion, but you can change the way you treat others. Treat one another with love, kindness, be willing to forgive because we all make mistakes, and just if one person begins doing those good things then that alone will make the world a better place. Show kindness no matter what and don’t worry about negativity, that will make the most effective statement one could ever make.
    Jasmine Chanel

  113. Sweet Jesus, how many times do y’all need to be told: it’s a piece of satire.




    But satire.

    Dan Cathy didn’t say any of what’s attributed to him in this sorry effort.

    All of you planning to boycott Chick-fil-A for something that was never said are as juvenile & stupid as the author of this.

      • There is not a person on earth who does not discriminate against someone, some just choose to pick out the one’s they disagree with. ” For he who has not sinned, Let him cast the first stone “

  114. The news outlet then alleged that Cathy had even baser aspirations in the near future: down the line, Cathy planned to focus on “liberals and people of Asian, Hispanic and Arabic descent.”
    According to the paper, since there is a lot of hate in the U.S.A., Cathy planned to “milk” every last drop.”
    Not surprisingly, the alleged Cathy racial bias crusade against Blacks and other minorities spread like wildfire via the media: Those who came across the scandalous news about Cathy’s alleged latest marketing scheme were left seething, due to the likelihood that southern racists would back his company’s biases all the way.
    But Cathy never made such incendiary comments about Blacks or any other minority group, because the alleged news report was, in fact, just a bad joke.
    In fact, the news outlet is a political satire web publication that does, on occasion, use actual names in partially real or mostly fictitious ways, stating that “all news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news.”

    • I’m not going to get into the name calling or defaming. But what I will say is that racist people come in every race. It is never good. Racist run businesses, raise families, worship, and many other things regular people do. Listen to what people say and how they say it. You can always spot a racist. They use words and statements like: “you people, colored (who is colored? I am one color not many and that is carmel not black), black people, etc. Educate yourself on what and how a racist behaves then it is optional if you choose to deal, support, or tolerate them! I know I stopped supporting Chick-Fil-A when Cathy made his first statement. At that time, I said who next and here we are today. Saw that coming a mile away. Knowledge is POWER!

  115. I think the people who wrote this were mocking Dan Cathy, more or less, and how conservative he is rather than make a mockery of African Americans. Lighten up, it was a joke. Cathy never said any of this, if he did it definitely would have been on CNN. It is obviously a joke on Cathy.

  116. I don’t eat at this nasty restaurant anywAY! I don’t see what is so great about it anyway I make better chicken then they do

  117. Regardless of the ‘disclaimer’ that this was ‘satire’ that doesn’t make it ok! If anyone posted something about America and hating us that wasn’t from America in ‘satire’ the American people would be outraged. You all would have labeled it as ‘terrorism’.

    Being racist and a bigot is ok as long as you put ‘lol’ or ‘jk’ around it?? WTF has this world come to? You people who are laughing at this are DISGUSTING! I hope that one day you will learn to see how nasty and vile human beings you really are. Being black is not bad, just like being white, Hispanic/Latino, Asian or of mixed race isn’t bad either. We are all people. At the end of it all, we all bleed red blood.

    This company will NO LONGER get anymore of my money. Christianity doesn’t mean ignorance or racism. If you really read the bible, Jesus had ‘hair like wool and skin of bronze’. I’m sorry that doesn’t describe any white person I know or see. That really describes a Middle Eastern or African person. Shame on the article writer and Cathy.



  119. Dont believe nothing you hear & only half of what you see! I wish people werent so gullible and they would gather
    the facts, instead of listening to gossip, So childish!!!

    • How do you know? I love how all the (obviously white) people on here are saying, “Hey, it’s all fake. No way he said this.” Sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t see any counter claims by Mr. Cathy. Frankly, I don’t see any counter claims by people like you either. Sorry, I don’t find it at all convincing that people like you are saying, “hey, don’t believe that Mr. Cathy is racist” by saying things like, “I wish people werent so gullible and they would gather
      the facts, instead of listening to gossip, So childish!!!” Like I said, not very effective. I will continue to look into this. In the meantime, I won’t be going to “eat more chiken,” and I will be cashing in my conservative card until further notice. Sick of it. Sick of all of it. This is my country too. Get over yourselves, white people.

  120. I’m black proud and don’t give two shits about what the next person thinks black white green or blue. We’re all equal to our creator and that’s all thay really matters

  121. racism is hell and it sends racists to hell…Christian? really? wow! This person’s heart is hardened. They can say they’re christian all they like because it’s easy to say but God doesn’t hear the prayers of sinners (John 9:31) and yes this man has openly expressed his sins thus he judged himself as a partaker of wickedness.

  122. Do you people REALLY believe everything that is written on the internet??? Really??? You know good and well that is NOT what that man said! If anything, it is satire. Dan does NOT make statements like that. Are you willing to believe anything just because the man is a Christian??? Shame on you all!

  123. Thanks for the information, I am of Mixed (Black and White) ancestry and I NEVER KNEW the term “Mulatto” referred to……Well……ME! and was a Derogatory term. WOW!! Learn Something new every day! I’ve been called Zebra, Swirl Baby, Mixed Breed etc.. But Never “Mulatto” Hmm, oh well. I should be grateful Huh? I only knew about the cookies called Mulatto hahahaha!!! I like to consider myself Human, Respectful, Ambitious, Intelligent, Admirable, Brave, Focused, Just Plainly Put Maria Livingston or now since my name has changed Cassandra Parris. No Titles Necessary, and if a title must be used let it be Ms./Mrs. Cassandra Parris; For I won’t, don’t, never have and never will answer to anything other than that; As I do not refer to anyone else by any other term other than their Name.

  124. I’m cracking up at all the grammatical errors in allot of these posts personally, lol. America, the land of intellectuals. HAAAAAAA!! Thank God we can at least fight.

  125. if I beleave what these people say then I gotta beleave all them lieing news papers and magazines in stores….I don’t beleave none of this storie….ill tell you what it most likely is…is a left wing nutt job lieing there ass off … talking bout something they have no Idea about as they mostly do in this life

  126. Pingback: Fake News and Satire: Entertainment or Misinformation | A Ransomed Mind

  127. The same group of people lied on Jesus, just like they’re lying on the Chick-fil-A President. it’s just a diff day, and a diff time. but the sin is the same…BTW! ..So is the punishment !!… with that being said, I’m out.

  128. Let the record show there is only one race and that is the human race…the obvious differences of skin color do not make anyone less human just lighter or darker. Can we elevate our thinking and somehow get past the false notion that there are different races and that we really aren’t all related to each other, because we are.

  129. You guys are so stupid and you OBVIOUSLY have zero common sense. This is satire. And since you guys keep saying “satire is supposed to be funny” you’re WRONG. It’s not! You all must not have read “a Modest Proposal.” Go get some common sense before you start getting on your high horses and running your mouths. Seriously.

  130. What’s really sad here is that this entire story story is a hoax. This story originated from the Free Wood Post, a satirical publication similar to The Onion. It was published as a “let’s take this a step further” satire on the Chick-Fil-A gay marriage issue, but much of the media was completely duped and reprinted it as if it was true. Snopes cleared the air. You can read about it here:

    Because of their perspective regarding LGBTs, I won’t patronize a Chick-Fil-A, but reporting should always be factual.

    • so you think that only black people like chicken and we are the only ones who buy chicken? that was prejudice and if we were the only ones businesses like this would already be closed and we wouldnt even be reading this article.


  132. It is amazing how many beleive what they read on these websites, He did not say any such thing. it was madeup. this is who madeup the artical. STOP Beleaving everything you read on the net! Orbson Rice is a deeply disturbed professional Writer and Editor. He is also the “Creator” of the blog “The Orbson Oracle” which is thoroughly offensive, often thoughtful and occasionally funny. But mostly Lies to entertain people.
    just because its on here doesnt mean it true..

  133. Okay…if it was satire why was it filled with so much hatred? Did it get the reaction they wanted? I did’nt read all of the comments BUT it got a “reaction”…..there is hatred in America and it is not getting better…..If this was supposed to be satire I don’t think it helps the matter any……JS

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